I am sure you are all wondering what “Pieces of me” is all about and I am here to share my personal struggles and triumphs with you all. My name is Brittany and I want to help everyone piece by piece. Most of my life, I was always the girl behind the scenes, never the girl in the limelight and now I am ready to show everyone that there is a “new” Brittany who is ready to be in the limelight and help transform others as I am on my own journey of transformation. I am 29 years old, married and have two dogs, a cat and chickens- I know really country living 🙂 I will post more information about myself in an introduction blog. I have overcome adversity many times and currently battle some health issues such as depression and maniac episodes. I am on an path to the be the best I can be and help as many people along the way. I want to share my story, my pitfalls, my struggles, my wins and most of all my ability to share my story with others. My blog will consist of everything from self-help, weight loss tips, mental health awareness, inspiring information, recipes, couponing tips, crafts and most of all personal reflection to inspire others who may be in similar shoes as myself.
If you are interested in any of the topics above, please subscribe to my blog and I hope you enjoy “pieces of me”


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